In today’s world, who really has time to go to the dentist? With bills to pay, work, family, kids, school, the dentist is only an afterthought in our daily lives. And why is it that a dental office is one of the worst places to visit—even worse than the DMV. Lets face it, waiting at any dental or medical office will always happen—the dynamic of the practice with patient complications, handling, and basic skill set will ultimately have a waiting room filled with patients. Its just a necessary evil. But should it be?

Mobile Care Dentistry has completely eliminated the entire hassle of waiting for the dentist and has given the patient full

control.  In today’s digital age, few have learned about the unique technology existing at a dental office.  Mobile Care Dentistry is changing all of that. And we do mean all of that.

So while you’re trying to figure out the WiFI password at your old dental office while you wait for your appointment which was 45 minutes ago, our patients will be done at their own time and place with their own Wifi password!

But don’t take our word for it. Give us a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed, and very surprised.

My grandmother, Mamanjoon was always in dental pain, and she had a son that was a dentist, and a grandson that was also a dentist. She just hated the transportation, the drive, the hassle of waiting at a dental office, the overall dental environment that was filled with anxiety, and worse of all, making an entire day out of it. And that’s just her family!

So I literally had no choice. I took all my supplies to her home instead and had a bag full of everything I needed to get her treatment completed. An hour later she was out of pain, and ready to talk about how I was her all time favorite grandson. And then it dawned on me, I am a dentist, and I had to beg my poor grandma to let me help her fix her teeth. Imagine all the other people that would love proper care, but just can’t or simply refuse to get it—whether its anxiety driven, no transportation, and or simply have no time for the dentist!

We are a world-class team of professional doctors and dentists with a passion to serve and care for people just like you and me. We use state of the art technology, the best type of materials in dentistry and medicine, and provide in-house comprehensive care that would give you a whole different experience in visiting the dentist—because we visit you instead.

Mobile Care Dentistry is the new frontier in medicine. So next time you decide to call your dentist and wait for hours to get a simple cleaning, x-rays, crowns, extractions, or fillings, you might want to try us out instead, and maybe we’ll be asking for your WiFI password instead.